L7: Pretend We’re Dead

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Presented by ICFS

A real-time journey witnessing the rise, fall and redemption of the fiercest feminist grunge punk band, L7. To highlight that they were also an all-female band, was to miss the point, however. “Our fans couldn’t give a shit if we’re women,” says Donita Sparx. “We did not set out to be an all-girl band. It just happened that way.” Still, the “gender issue” would return time and again for the band; from shock jocks refusing to play “chick rock” to academics accusing the band of “incorrectly” embracing their feminism, to hard rock press implying the band was merely riding a wave of “grrl power” trendiness.

Despite these obstacles, “L7: PRETEND WE’RE DEAD” shows the thread of influence the band had not only on rock and roll but on future generations of women everywhere and is, in the end, a testament to the pioneering spirit of a band that refuses to take anything lying down. As with other ICFS events, expect prizes, surprises, comfy sofas and a convenient bar.

2016. Not rated. 87 minutes.

A part of the “Women Who Rock” Documentary Series! 

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