A statement on our opportunity and responsibility

Proctors has begun a long and thoughtful look at our people and processes as we strive to be a better leader in our community. This document is the first public step in that process.

The Proctors Collaborative believes Black Lives Matter.

As a cultural institution, we have the opportunity and responsibility to be a voice for racial justice both within our operations and within the larger Capital Region community. The Collaborative, its School of the Performing Arts and its affiliates, Universal Preservation Hall and Capital Repertory Theatre acknowledge that the Collaborative has not expressed public commitments to being part of anti-racist efforts to end discrimination; however, it is a core value of ours and we apologize for our silence.

We pledge to fight institutional racism and to correct practices within our organization contrary to such a commitment.

We pledge to pursue our mission for sustainable economic development, excellence in education and rich civic dialogue by a continuous program opening opportunities for our black, brown and LGBTQIA+ neighbors and friends and others of marginalized experiences. We understand that without social justice, our communities are weaker, and, therefore, so are we.

We pledge to have comfortable and safe facilities for all our neighbors, used for the many purposes that we encourage. We will not tolerate any actions, words or aggressions, whether intentional or unintentional, to the contrary.

We pledge to engage artists of diverse backgrounds and identities in our programs musical, visual, dance, theatrical and educational.

We pledge to present and produce relevant events that broadly and fully engage the Black experience.

We will undertake a robust effort to align our policies, practices and behaviors with the values of our organization and our community. In addition, we will redouble our efforts working with diversity consultants to: continuously train volunteers, board members and staff in diversity and inclusion; and to recruit more diversity in our staff.

We commit to engaging leadership at every level of our organization to establish clear and concrete steps for success in diversity, equity and inclusion, and to achieve them as we restart after our COVID pause.

This is the beginning of a long process to serve our community as a place of equity, safety and justice. We ask for the ongoing support of our community as we take these next steps.