Mission Statement

Our Mission: 

Through arts and community leadership be a catalyst for excellence in education, sustainable economic development and rich civic engagement to enhance the quality of life in the greater capital region.

A letter from Philip Morris (CEO) and Heather Ward (Board President)

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

― Albert Einstein

We love this quote. Why not? We’re in the imagination business, right?

We love helping young people imagine through education, summer camps and fabulous arts experiences. We love helping our friends and neighbors imagine through the joy of theater, music, dance and art.

We love helping to imagine a greater Schenectady and a greater Capital Region by working with our neighbors, our peers, the folks at theREP and at Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga.

But the coming attractions—those are the big reward!  Thousands of successful young people. Vibrant downtowns. Interconnected and successful cultural organizations throughout the region.

So many of the coming attractions we have all imagined have turned into such terrific blockbusters!

We thank you for imagining with us in the many ways you do: from dining and volunteering with us, to donating, coming to our hundreds of events and supporting us in countless other ways. Join us in imagining the coming attractions and in making them into full-length, full-featured, fully-activated realities!

Share our plan: imagination at Proctors is on the rise!

Join us!